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Very Busy :(

Posted by Craig on January 17, 2014 at 5:00 AM

Hey all

I have been so busy at work and other things i have had no time to play radio with the new FT DX1200 :(.

But hopefully i will be active again this weekend and next week, Another update of the site you will see i have stopped using Hamlog and reverted to HRD log as i find this works ofline which is alot better for myself.

Although Hamlog is a great service having the offline of HRD is the way forward.


January 1st 2014

Posted by Craig on January 1, 2014 at 9:30 AM


Well the new year is here and 2014 has started off great with the new FT DX1200 in the shack having its pride of place on my desk and pride it is.. This has had some great contacts over the last few days with amazing reports on the audio from the stock microphone which is very pleasing..

I have had my friends all around to have a look and play and everyone is impressed so far so i think this has been a good buy in my eyes.. It has made me more wanting to do HF now more than ever.. The next question is do i upgrade the Antenna from the Carolina Windom to something more beam worthy mmmmmm... Watch this space...


Decmeber 27th 2013

Posted by Craig on January 1, 2014 at 9:20 AM

Well after such a great christmas and watching the kids open all there wonderful presents and me feeling left out i took a trip today to the local radio shop AKA - Radioworld..... I had been in email contact with Dave at Radioworld over the last week and i decided that today would be the day of buying a new toy.

Well myself and 2E0JFC (James) took a drive upto Radioworld to see Dave for the purchase of a FT DX1200.... Yeap going from the FT817 to a Full HF fully loaded radio.. OMG was my words when i got home as i had not seen one in the flesh at all it was like something out of Starwars or Startrek it was amazing just to look at.

Anyway we got the FT DX1200 set up and sat down to power the radio up... Again another OMG.... it was amazing to see such a amazing screen, Now it is time to drive this radio and see what it can do.. See you all in the new year with an update..