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The Hex is up...

Posted by Craig on April 25, 2014 at 3:40 AM

Yesterday was a day of fun and pain... The HexBeam that was given to my best  mate Vinny M0TAV from Tim M0URX was meant to be going up at M0TAV's house but as he is such a kind person and awesome at that he ask me if i wanted it instead? silly question.... YES PLEASE!!!!

This meant a trip to Radioworld for a rotator for the Hexbeam.. Which was done the other day..

Anyway Yesterday was a lovely day and we decided to get the HexBeam built and up. It took me and Vinny 4Hrs+ to build it and get the huge thing up in the air on its poles, taking me and viinny most of our strenght to lift it vertical into its position at the bottom of the garden.. 

It wasa thing of glory when it was up but the Wife does not think so at all... so looks like i am in the bad books for awhile :(

Anyway all up and working great and improvement isnt the word its Amazing....

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