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Why Why Why!

Posted by Craig on May 1, 2014 at 2:10 PM

Well it happened again the Goons of Amateur Radio can't help but stick there nose in..

As i was talking today to a good friend M6CIF on my way to work about progressing through the licenses of Amateur Radio here in the UK, And my view is one of my own and we are allowed views as it's a free country, But the Goon G1KDU pipes his nose in with his stupid tone and comments calling me a "PRICK" yes he called me a Prick.. But he didn't come in like a real amateur and break in he just shouted abuse and his silly little comments calling me a nobody and a Prick.. DId i say he called me a prick..

Anyway did i mention he did not at anytime give his call sign when he was abusing our conversation.. But what he did do was carry on calling me names like a baby and saying i am all mouth and offering me to knock his door.. HAHAHAHA... 

I would never knock his door because this would give him his moment to call the police and i would be the bad person.

I have to admit by this time i did lower myself and decided i would fire back some offensive words to him which to be honest he provoked me into and i think this is what he wanted as the comment of "you lost the argument now for swearing" is all that he could say..

G1KDU - Andre you are a waste of space all ways will be and people like you need to stop your moaning. We use the radio for what it is Communication and Fun... Having fun in the hobby not taking things serious when things like murder, sex offending, and more are happening in the world. Get a life.. EEERRRR "PRICK"

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