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Still Here!!!

Posted by Craig on August 20, 2014 at 5:00 AM

Well it's been a busy time since the last update. 

I have not really had much time on the radio with holidays and the kids etc but when i have i have managed to work some good DX. Some great contacts into Japan and Indonesia which i have not had in my growing list, The Hex Beam had with stood some high winds and seems to be doing a great job hearing some great stations that alot of my friends can not hear.

Me and my friend Vinny M0TAV have been out and about fittiting antennas for friends and programming some radios for people which is always good to help people get stared, Our plan for the rest of the year and help new comers to get up and running without stressing about Antennas installs and setting up etc.

Apart from that all is well and going forward is always a good thing.

Keep well people and say hello if you hear me on the radio.


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