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2018 Update

Posted by Craig on April 9, 2018 at 5:15 AM

Welcome 2018

Its been awhile since i last did a blog and since the last blog alot has changed, For starters i no longer run HF at home or anywhere. Reason for this is purely i totally lost interest with HF in all directions. To much time and effort needed to make them contacts that you will never make in years, Also having such mass of antenna up and needing people around to help if it needed anything done was a pain so i decided it was time for it all to go.

Anyway with it all gone i made the decission to move over to being more active on the up and coming technologies of amateur radio, as i already had a few nodes for DMR,Dstar etc i decided i needed a Fusion, So i purchased a FTM100D for the shack and a nice new X510 that now sits about 35ft to the base of the X510 and as you cab guess i am back to getting out on 2m and 70cm like i use to years ago.

Also i have started to get into Network Radios, Some may say this is not radio but is it not? or is it just you feel becasue it doesnt transmit RF like a normal radio its not the same? SOrry to say but i feel it is Radio and anything bringing the radio community together no matter what is radio even if its using an app via ip and into a repeater.

Only a few weeks ago i was demostrating the use of a Network radio while i was on the Alabama link on my T320 device four others where on also one on Echolink, one on DMR, One on Dstar & One on Fusion. And all able to talk to each other cross network and cross mode.. Now tell me this is the way forward. Being able to talk crossmode to each other is amazing and its the future.

People will beable to sit on there arm chair or out and about without worrying about coverage and still make contact or hold that conversation while on the go.

Anyway thats the latest and if you here me on any of the Network radio channels on Zello or Team Speak etc please give me a shout.


Craig (M3HBI)

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