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Posted by Craig on September 23, 2014 at 9:30 AM

Well i have purchased another handheld this time the ICOM ID-51E, For starters i had to trade in some old gear that i was not using to justify the cost of this handheld and i did at one pioint hum and aar about buying it.. But as usal i talked myself into buying it after looking at alot of reveiews on the internet and Youtube,

I have had the radio now for a week or more and i am so so so happy with it, It is one of those buys that you think how or why did i never have one before, Ok so the down side is no dstar repeaters near me but we have plenty of local people i talk to that are all Dstar so in my eyes having just friends with dstar makes this worth buying..

Battery life for alittle listening and transmiting is very good i have had it last aday or more.. yet people say on 4.5 hrs so i am lost on that part.

Anyway another item added to the list..

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